What does it mean to be a partner?

An organization becomes a “Live Healthy DeKalb County Partner” when they commit to support the mission of LHDC.  Partners promote a shared vision through cooperation, local and state action, and representation. Communications, events, advocacy and participation in leadership team meetings are utilized to work toward common goals. Partners recognize that collaboration is essential to work through these challenges to accomplish change in policies and environments that affect the health of DeKalb county.


Live Healthy DeKalb County Partnership Commitment


  • Become a member of on of the subcommittees

  • Attend 75% of Leadership Meetings

  • Respect one another’s work, offer constructive feedback, build trust with open communication and act like partners

  • Acknowledge the expertise of partners and reach out to collaborate

  • Strengthen Coalition Partners because if they are strong, we ARE Strong

  • Commit to continuous learning about changes in polices that affect active transportation, food insecurity and other health related issues.

  • Affectively communicate with the Coalition partners and Executive Committee when issues arise or an opportunity presents itself.


Local and State Action 

  • Look for local organizations that connect with the work LHDC supports. 

  • Understand the work being done within the county before acting on other initiatives and explore current policies and funding opportunities.

  • Be open when working with new communities to build connections with existing partners’ work and demonstrate a “unified” vision to local policymakers and leaders within the community.


Representing Live Healthy DeKalb County

  • As a partner, represent LHDC in your organization's publications such as newsletters, website, Facebook, at local and international conferences, and educational offerings whenever the opportunity presents.

  • Share coalition work with local and state affiliates


Our Partners Receive Support Through:

  • Bi- Monthly Leadership Team meetings for partners and steering committees

  • Shared information about partner organizations expertise (website, newsletter, research, etc.)

  • A cross-promotion link on the LHDC website

Partner names will not be included on any coalition policy positions without their approval.