The Food Security Council was officially formed in 2012 after the first county “Food Security Summit”  was conducted  back in late 2011.  Over 90 leaders and community members including principals, teachers, food pantries, social services agencies and others came together to talk about the issues of poverty and hunger that families and children were facing throughout the county.   


Many of the summit participants went on to form a “Food Security Council”  that meets regularly to address the issues of local hunger and food insecurity throughout the county.  The council also works closely with the DeKalb County food pantries and the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  The food security council serves as a forum for discussing issues among all the people and organizations who provide food throughout our county.  Providing a forum for sharing ideas and resources is one of the four main goals of the food security council.  The other goals are coordinating sectors of the local food system, evaluating and influencing public policy and launching programs and services that address local needs.