Executive Team Volunteer Job Summaries

Executive Team Volunteer Job Summaries

September 2018


The principal role of the Chairman of the Board is to manage and to provide

leadership to the Board of Directors of Live Healthy DeKalb County, including:

  • Keep informed of the activities of health-related events in DeKalb County

  • Ensure that the Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to enable the Directors to form appropriate judgments

  • Ensure that decisions made at meetings are implemented;

  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure a solvent annual budget;

  • Act as Chair at meetings of the Board;

  • Acts as Chair at meetings of Executive Committee;

  • Recommend an annual schedule of the date, time and location of Board and Committee meetings;

  • Plan meetings and develop the agendas;

  • Review and sign minutes of Board meetings;

  • Sit on other Committees of the Board where appropriate;

  • Set goals for LHDC for the upcoming year;

  • Facilitate grant proposals as appropriate;

  • Act as a spokesperson for the organization and/or the governing body

  • To help prepare Chair-Elect and teach the role and responsibilities of the position of Chair

Vice Chair

  • The principle role of Vice-Chair is to support the chair and serving in place of the Chair when the Chair is not present, including presiding over meetings.  This includes:

  • Stand in for the chairperson if s/he is away

  • Assist the chairperson with matters between meetings

  • Deal with specific tasks or issues as defined by the governing body (for example, chairing meetings or dealing with personnel matters).

Past Chair
The principle role of the past chair is to provide continuity between transition times between Chairs, and fill in when the Vice Chair is not available.


Chair Elect
The principle role of the Chair-Elect is to work with the Chair to understand the operations of LDHC, and learn the duties and responsibilities of the Chair to prepare him/her to assume the role of Chair.


The main role of the treasurer is to maintain a financial overview of LHDC

The responsibilities of the treasurer are:

  • Look after the finances of LDHC

  • Oversee, prepare, present and approve budgets

  • Prepare and present understandable financial reports, which may be verbal

  • Ensure that the financial resources of the organization meet its needs

  • Advise on the financial solvency of LHDC, and project 5-year cash flow

  • Liaise with relevant people about financial matters

  • Advise on the financial implications of any new projects


The primary role of the secretary at is to keep accurate record of decisions and discussions, primarily by recording minutes of meetings.

 The responsibilities of the treasurer are:

  • Record Minutes of the following meetings:

    • Executive Committee Meetings

    • LDHC Leadership Meetings

  • Record discussions and decisions in a succinct and accurate manner, noting items that are open or pending

  • Distribute minutes to members of meetings

  • Maintain record of minutes to future reference